MOMentum Monday - The Secret Weapon

I wanted a way to reflect on the startup journey but also a way to give some inspiration and motivation to all you mompreneurs out there.  So I’ve decided to do a weekly Blog Post that will be emailed out on Mondays. This will give me a little momentum each week and hopefully kick off some momentum for you as well! These will be a mixture of random musings from myself, business strategy tips, motivation, updates and more.  

Today’s topic: The Secret Weapon to Anxiety is MOMENTUM

A year ago I was 13 days out from my due date with my second little one. I was exhausted and so ready to have him.  My anxiety was rather high on how my business would fare while I took some maternity leave. I was pondering what was the right move and an idea had been popping up in my head over and over again. That idea was to do a mastermind for moms.  I could have tabled that idea (like a sane person) until after having this little guy, but instead I moved full steam ahead, I decided to take action. I spent the next few days completely immersed in how to make this happen and it was a great distraction from waiting for my little one to come.  And literally right at his due date, I launched to the world this idea I had.

I created momentum and it took away so much of that anxiety I was dealing with.  I used the momentum to create a mastermind that would continue to create more momentum throughout the year for my business and all the moms who participated. I filled the mastermind quickly and before I even had my overdue baby, I had filled most of the spots. I went into maternity leave less stressed and less anxious.

Why am I telling you this?

Because momentum matters.  As moms, and as business owners many of us struggle with anxiety in some form. It can truly be debilitating and I’ve seen it cause businesses to crumble. We are often so hard on ourselves as moms, and even harder as mom business owners.  We feel like we have to do it all, all the time, and be perfect. I’m telling you today, YOU DO NOT have to do it all and if you do YOU WILL BURN OUT. All you have to do as a mompreneur are these steps:

  1. Show up

  2. Take small daily actions

  3. Use that action to create momentum

  4. Use your network to support you & gain even more momentum

A year ago I set a lot of things into motion, and took lots of action.  Today that action led to such momentum that I’ve started a startup, celebrated the 1st Anniversary of the co-working space I helped to found, and am finishing up the first year of that mama mastermind! I have accomplished so much this year, but I also did not burn out, I harnessed the power of that momentum and just focused on Small daily actions.

As this year comes to a close it's time for more action to be taken so the momentum can continue! I’d love to know about the actions you are taking in your business right now! Are you creating momentum?  Comment and tell us.

Stay tuned for next week when we I will be talking more about how your network can help you gain more momentum!

Brooke Markevicius