How to Gain Momentum with your Network


A year ago this mama opened the doors to a beautiful little co-working space called, The Pod Works.  She only had a handful of members but in those early months she helped to cultivate a beautiful community.  The community slowly grew throughout the last year and has become a very important part of many mamas lives.  Kayla would not have gained the momentum she has without leveraging her network. She reached out to me over a year ago to see if what I was working on was similar to her dream.  We met for a coffee playdate with our little girls at a kid friendly waffle shop, Red Elm Cafe. Together we merged our dreams and created enough momentum to open the doors to the Pod Works. We got furniture from other moms, we took over a lease from a momboss who was moving buildings, we posted in all the local moms groups about our info sessions and open houses, and slowly the Pod was built.

Photo by Heather Leacy Photography

Photo by Heather Leacy Photography

A year later we are a thriving group of mombosses that are all raising businesses and babies.  We are collaborating, supporting, encouraging and growing together. We are helping each other gain momentum. Tonight we are celebrating with a Pod Birthday Party Playdate during the day and a Friendsgiving Dinner this evening. Mamas, community & having a network is so important, get yourself a Pod.

I believe that we can gain so much value from other groups of moms or other women, because when we come together and collaborate and share ideas and resources, we can rise together. The Pod isn’t the only mom group I’m a part of…

Other Women’s Groups I am apart of or have heard great things about:

The Origin Collective by Kate Northrup - This group is so uplifting and the content continues to be helpful to me in my journey of business and motherhood. Kate approaches business with a DO LESS approach and I love this.

Female Founders Alliance - This is a group made up of Female Founders of scalable businesses and as a new founder, it has been so helpful to be connected to other women who have gone through and are going through similar struggles. Also the Founder, Leslie, is an amazing mom who inspires me!

Infinite Receiving by Maru Iabichela - This group continues to give and is always there when I need it. It is the most supportive group of sisters you will meet. Maru is a super momboss who gives so much to her community.

Spark by Rachel O’Rourke - Rachel will be co-leading the MOMentum Mastermind with me and I am honored to know this powerhouse mom. She started Spark Events a little over a year ago and these events are THE WOMEN’S empowerment event to attend.

The MOB Nation - This is a group of mombosses that started in Portland and is growing rapidly all over the United States. The group is focused on networking and uplifting mom owned businesses. Aria who started it, also just launched a podcast as well.

The Village 253 - If you are local to Tacoma, GET IN THIS GROUP! Started by local mama powerhouse, Ruthy Taylor. This group is focused on getting moms off social media and into real life connections.

Do you know of other supportive female or mom communities? Let us know!

Is there a mom you know that you’d love to collaborate with? Is there a network of moms in your community you could connect with? I challenge you to reach out to a mama this week and start a convo about collaboration.

Stay tuned for next week where I’ll discuss gratitude and momentum and announce some details about our MOMentum Mastermind which will launch early December!