The MOMentum Birth Story

As I was pondering a title for a blog post on how to share the story of how MOMentum came to be, I figured that all moms never forget their children’s birth stories. It is the one thing that even a severe case of mom brain just can’t seem to erase. So I bring to you the, MOMemtum Birth Story.

MOMentum has been a long time coming. I have been throwing around this idea for a few years, and the component that was missing was Blockchain. I knew what needed to be created but I just needed the right technology. So to go back a bit, for the last 4 years I have been working with moms. Specifically mom entrepreneurs who had goods and services to bring to the world. They were needing web design, project management, social media consulting and branding. I helped them get their businesses out into the world and bring in revenue. I loved working with moms because I had become a mom almost 4 years ago as well and moms just GET moms.

What I saw through my work, was the same pain points coming up over and over for every client. They were struggling with,





I knew there had to be a way to solve those pain points and help these moms thrive in their businesses, and what I wanted to create to solve this was to have our own Mom Economy. So when the opportunity to help co-found a Mom focused Co-Working Space, called, The Pod Works, I jumped on the opportunity. What we inevitably created was, a mini mom economy right out of the co-working space. Moms buy each others goods and services, promote each others work to other moms, and their businesses have grown. This has been amazing and will only continue to grow, but locally. I wanted to see this mom economy grow to a global scale.

Enter MOMentum on the blockchain. About a year ago now, I had my 2nd child and my husband had told me about this crazy thing called Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. I had heard some about it but kind of brushed it off. Yet, one night when I was up at all hours nursing an infant, I fell down the rabbit hole of the crypto world. I read an article about a company who was working to get coffee farmers paid at the very beginning of the supply chain, thanks to blockchain. I read about how blockchain could bring back TRUST to markets, and all the social good it could bring about. I read the white paper from Satoshi Nakamoto. I started following everyone I could find that was working in the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. As I learned more I realized this was the missing piece for my mom economy. This would be how I could take our local mom economy, global.

I had late night, early morning and car ride strategy sessions with my husband and anyone who would listen about how I could bring this to life. We started drawing up the architecture, playing around with smart contracts, and coding. It started to come to life and I realized that it was time to name this crazy idea of mine. I think in forms of branding, I LOVE telling the story of a brand. So I needed a good name for this marketplace. I started to think about what I personally had brought to all these moms I had worked with, what I had brought to the co-working space, and to this idea. I realized it was MOMENTUM. I had helped push them or support them in some way to get them to move forward with their ideas or businesses. So MOMentum was born. And that is exactly what this marketplace will provide, a place for Moms to gain momentum in their businesses.

So there you have it, the birth story of MOMemtum Marketplace. I look forward to growing MOMentum and sharing the journey with each of you! Let’s create MOMentum Together!