How Crypto Could Allow More People to be Their Own Boss | Laura Shin | TEDxSanFrancisco

One of my biggest goals with this section of our website, as well as our soon to be launching Podcast, MOMentum Radio - Moms Making Waves of Momentum Together, is to EDUCATE moms on what Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are. I fell down the rabbit hole of blockchain about a year ago and when I came out I had the idea for MOMentum. I truly believe that crypto is here to stay and that blockchain technology is creating a revolution to bring back trust within our economy. My dream for MOMemtum is to bring back trust within a marketplace for moms and give them a stake and ownership within the market. So to kick off this blockchain and crypto education I wanted to start with one of my favorite people in the Crypto space, Laura Shin.

I have been listening to Laura Shin’s podcast, Unchained, for over 6 months now and I love how she approaches the ever changing Crypto world. With her journalism background she is able to make crypto and blockchain make sense to non-technical people. She interviews top people in the world of cryptocurrency but also the people covering crypto, and decision makers. Laura just did a TED Talk on How Crypto Could Allow More People to Be Their Own Boss and it the best place to start if you are wondering what the heck this world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is. The TED Talk will leave you with an understanding of just how powerful this technology can be and what the world might look like if cryptocurrency continues to take off.

I also suggest listening to her episode entitled, Crypto 101: Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchains, ICOs, And More if you are completely new to Crypto and Blockchain. This episodes gives a good description and will leave you understanding a lot more about this new frontier.

Let me know your thoughts after you watch her TED Talk and listen to the podcast. I want to open up a forum of discussion on these topics. So please feel free to leave a comment her or join us in our free community over on Telegram.