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This site provides information about MOMentum Marketplace, which will be launching later in 2019. It is a Marketplace of Goods & Services powered by Blockchain, Smart Contracts and most importantly MOMS. You can read more about it below. Also you can find our blog with updates, as well as our newly launched Podcast, MOMentum Radio.

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Moms Control 2.7 Trillion
in Spending Power in the United States

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Yet there is no marketplace for moms, so we decided to change that!



On the Blockchain

A New Marketplace where moms get a STAKE and OWNERSHIP. Powered by Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Where moms can sell their goods and services and get rewarded for participating.


We will provide LOW transaction fees due to utilization of our own native currency, The Orca Coin


Moms will get MORE visibility and stop having to fight the algorithms, because our momentum algorithms will get you SEEN as long as you are participating in the market.


We will focus on Reputation for buyers and sellers to increase TRUST within the marketplace


You will get REWARDS for referring people to the market, and participating within.

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Smart Contracts will help reduce fraud and provide protection with an automatic escrow account


MOMentum will be a unique community and marketplace because 82% of MOMS want to support other mom businesses and they will be involved in making the marketplace work.

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