Ep. 22 Body Positive & Mental Health Chat with Katie Crenshaw

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In our second episode of Season 2, we talk with one of our favorite mom bloggers and instagram influencers, Katie Crenshaw. Katie has been featured in, writing has been featured in The Mighty, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Scary Mommy, Yahoo! Parenting and The Huffington Post. Motherhood can be really hard some days and we are all seeking someone to help us not feel so alone, and Katie did that for our founder, Brooke. She started following her when she was struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety and really need to seek help. Katie provides mental health highlights on her instagram page that are wonderful to help you not feel alone in seeking the help you might need. Katie is about “Humanizing the stigmatized through raw conversation” and she does this through her platform as well as through a podcast called, If I’m Being Honest, which just launched its second season. Not only does Katie help moms with not feeling alone in the mental health space, but she also does a lot with body positivity. She started the Her Body Can Movement that is “Refocusing on what our bodies can do, NOT what they look like. (Because, every body is a GOOD body.) We had such a good time talking to Katie and we hope you will enjoy the episode!

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