EP 19 - The Top 5 Things I Learned About Podcasting & Our Season One Highlights

Episode 19 Blog.png

There have been so many valuable things I have learned from a season of podcasting that I wanted to take the time to share with you my top 5 pieces of advice. In this episode, I talk all about how important it is to just show up and not worry about creating perfection, which can apply to anything in your life! To celebrate as we wrap up this season (don’t worry there’s one more VERY important episode next week you won’t want to miss!) I wanted to take some time also and recap all of the amazing mama guests we had! The goal of season one was to amplify the voices of women and spread the stories that these mamas have to share with the world. We were able to share with you 14 amazing mamas and their personal and professional stories and advice. For them, we are truly grateful! MOMentum Marketplace and MOMentum Radio is built by moms and powered by moms. These mamas are the foundation on which we grew this first season and we encourage you to go back and listen to all they have to offer. We hope this episode gives you a glimpse into the power that mamas have and gives you the courage to go after your goals no matter how scary.


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