EP 16 - How to Start Living an Ethical Life with Aimee Bell

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With this season of spring cleaning and decluttering our homes upon us comes a good time to transition and shift our thinking about bringing more ethical and sustainable goods into our lives.  Every mama wants to save some money and learn how to be thrifty while feeling good about the products we invest in, right? In this episode, I talk with Aimee Bell. Aimee is a wife and mother to one little adorable girl, Charlotte, and a mom boss who rocks her ethical businesses. Aimee runs her own blog Style With Aimee Bell, where she helps others recognize safer beauty choices, ethical clothing options, and much, much more. She is a Noonday and Beautycounter business owner who is the perfect mix between science and fashion! Aimee’s is passionate about spreading her knowledge and believes that knowing more about the products that we purchase can help make a huge impact on the world. We hope that Aimee’s love for all things ethical fashion, beauty, and life inspire you to make some small intentional changes that could have a greater impact in your life and the lives of others.

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