EP 11 - Helping Women Amplify Their Voices with Meg Wheeler

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Have you ever thought about how powerful the voice of a woman really is? Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, working mom, or work-from-home mama, we all have the power to lift each other up. In this episode, I talk with Meg Wheeler about how her company, One for Women, is on a mission to help amplify the voices of all women. Meg is a former realtor, turned tax accountant, turned entrepreneur and mom of one little boy! She has done it all! As the CEO of her online gift company, Meg inspires all women to celebrate the everyday moments in life through small gestures of kindness and compassion. She believes that together, women can rise and make a huge impact in the world. We hope that Meg’s vision inspires you to embrace your unique journey as a woman, and encourages you to reach out and positively interact with the women in your life.

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