EP 14 - Charge Your Worth with Brooke Markevicius

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Have you ever struggled with charging money for the time and energy you are putting into jobs completed for others? Don’t know how to charge your worth? Mama, this is the perfect episode for you! In this episode, I talk about my own struggles with money mindset and why it is so important to charge enough money to match your worth! Moms produce and provide so much for this world and we deserve to get paid for the time and hard work we put into projects, jobs, and the products we create! You are in control of your worth and you must believe in yourself!  No matter what stage of business you are in, whether you sell products or services, or are just getting started, this is an important topic that needs to be discussed. It is my hope that this episode gives you the courage and the guidance that you need to not only charge what you deserve, but to encourage others to do the same!

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