EP 10 - My Top Ten Pieces of Advice for Mom Entrepreneurs with Brooke Markevicius

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Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a mom entrepreneur? Wonder what advice they would give? Well girl, you’re in luck! In this solo episode, I talk all about my top 10 tips and pieces of advice for moms. Whether you’re just launching a business, years deep in the trenches, or just beginning to think of an idea; this episode is for you. I explain some of the most important ways you can create positive self-talk, ignore imposter syndrome, and how to tell your inner mean girl to “sit down and shut up!” Most of us moms struggle with trying to be perfect. In this day-by-day and minute-by-minute entrepreneurial journey you need to hear that it is okay to fail.  It is my hope that these tips help will not only help you gain momentum in your business, but allow you to form and nurture a positive mindset that will lead to your success. 


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