EP 13 - A Broken Workforce: What Happened to Loving Your Job with Elissa Kuykendall Unton

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Have you ever struggled with fitting in at a job? Or maybe you aren’t totally engaged or passionate with your career? Now imagine a world where everyone was able to find a career they really love. In this episode, I talk with Elissa Kuykendall Unton, founder of Arc Vida. Arc Vida’s mission is to help young professionals launch fulfilling, self-sustaining careers through their personalized career guidance services. Elissa is an experienced corporate professional with an MBA and background in finance and investor relations. She is one talented mama whose passion is collaborating with experienced and motivated professionals to find their dream careers. Elissa believes that there is a lot of work to be done in the current workforce in order to catch up to the 21st century job market, and we couldn’t agree more! We hope that Elissa’s dreams inspire you to find a job that has you waking up in the morning, energized and excited to get to work.

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