EP 09 - Being Intentional in Supporting Women-Owned Businesses with Allison Bishins

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Have you ever paused and really intentionally thought about where you are purchasing your goods and services from? Whether it’s a locally-owned, women-owned, or a small business you found online, all of those business owners are using their talents to try and create wealth for themselves. In this episode, I talk with Allison Bishins about how, as consumers and fellow business owners, we can be intentional about supporting each other. Allison is a entrepreneur and mom whose strong background in city design and social science has allowed her to gain insight into helping people in her community have a space to not only connect, but profit from their creations. Allison is the founder of Happy Fox Jewelry Studio, provides business consulting services, and hosts events, markets, and pop-ups in the greater Tacoma area. We hope that Allison’s passion for diversity, and consciously supporting women and minority-owned businesses, inspires you to seek out unique options in your own community.

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