EP 04 - Loving Your Body Through All The Seasons of Motherhood with Tiffany Burke

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been so far in the trenches of motherhood that you question- Is that poop or chocolate?! In this episode I talk to Tiffany Burke, a mom of three- from toddler to teen, foster mom, and former surrogate.Tiffany is a bad-ass mompreneur who owns her own photography business and event space. We talk about all seasons of motherhood, and how to incorporate self-care and body positivity into our busy lives.Tiffany candidly shares many funny, heartwarming, and even heartbreaking moments that go along with being a mom. We hope that this episode will bring you comfort in knowing, that no matter what season you are in, or what type of parent you are, that it is okay if you are struggling to find your balance.

Show Notes

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