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A Marketplace built by moms and powered by moms

Our Mission:

Get Moms Paid.

We are on a mission to get moms paid so they can lead a
flexible life.


Why A Mom Marketplace?

Our Founder, Brooke Markevicius, saw that moms were supporting one another in their businesses, side hustles and in raising their babies, when she co-founded a co-working space for moms called, The Pod Works . She had big dreams of seeing this micro-economy grow to a global scale, so she created MOMentum, a marketplace of goods and services powered by MOMS!



WOmen Leave the Work Force

Women are leaving in masses when they get pregnant, or when the second (or third) kid comes around. Most companies in the United States do not make being a mom & working an easy task. On average moms leave for a minimum of 1-3 years.



Weeks Average of Maternity Leave

A recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 60% of employers give 12 weeks of maternity leave; 33% give more than 12 weeks. However, that includes paid and unpaid leave. Only 58% of companies pay a salary or wage during some or all of maternity leave, according to the study. Many moms are not ready to come back at 12 weeks, and rightfully so.



Mom Owned Businesses

Mom owned businesses are growing by the day with so many of the workforce leaving and wanting flexibility. Daycare costs are astronomical and many families decide its best for the mom to stay home. Yet, most moms still want to work or contribute to the family finances even if they are not working a typical 9 to 5. This statistic does not even include the amount of self-employed freelancers that are moms.

Make Your Own MOMentum

Get on the Waitlist

We are currently in a closed beta for our initial platform but will be opening up soon (end of September) to all users and we cannot wait to have more moms in the marketplace! If you are a mom who wants to join our platform to sell your goods or services please get on the list!

We are now accepting small businesses, startups or companies to join in for our first wave of buyers within the marketplace. You will get FIRST access to this amazing group of mom freelancers! They have skills ranging from bookkeeping to graphic design and even project management and much more!

The Law of Momentum: An object in motion will stay in motion until it meets a resisting force. Keep pushing forward.



It Takes a Village

When we set out on this journey of MOMentum we knew that we would need to call in our MOM Troops and Village to help us make this a reality. Our promise is that we will always give back to you all in as many ways as we can. We just ask for your support through referrals, signing up for our events, joining our platform, or if you have the means, financially supporting us so we can scale.


Sign Up For Summer School

We are hosting a Summer School for Moms July 8 - August 2 and we would love for you to join us! We have awesome moms helping teach skills for freelancing & starting a business. Come join us for FREE and GAIN MOMENTUM!

Intern for MOMentum

Do you want to build your portfolio, job skills or just help a mama out?! We are building a company from the ground up and need your help! We need people with marketing, development and customer service skills!

Support Us

We are powered by moms, built by moms and so far FUNDED by MOMS! If you have the means we would appreciate the help! If you cannot give but know how to connect us with someone who could, that helps too!